Is it me or does Jane look guilty in the third gif? Like maybe she feels really stupid that she didn’t see it sooner (that he was actually the killer) and Maura’s life wouldn’t be in jeopardy. 


favorite character meme → [3/4]  relationshipsMeredith & Alex

Japril + married things

Owen’s WTF face appreciation post




The Scandal season 3 UK promo is amazing, anyone who sees this would think this is the best drama ever and will watch but what a sad surprise they will have … and it’s all Olitz while there’s almost nothing for them this season.

Shoot, this promo was better than their entire Season.

yep, the french one was good too, it was original and all about Olitz .. it’s very misleading and why doesn’t ABC do great promos like these ??

Lol I thought this too, I was laughing so much because the uk trailer is better than the entire series put together


Whenever i don’t have any money i wanna buy so many things but then the moment i actually do have a lot of money i have no idea what to buy and the pressure of needing to spend it is real

ellen pompeo is life